Marisa DiMuro

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are at an all-time high. It’s an exciting time for an organization, an opportunity for growth and diversification. However, we can’t imagine the complexity of an M&A. There are a lot of boxes to check. Oftentimes, an organization will outsource and seek outside consulting assistance because there are so many moving parts. And from a security standpoint, there’s a lot to dive into. There may be different business units, or  an enterprise might go from operating in one country to having locations all around the world. 

Familiarizing yourself with where you operate or where the people that you provide services to reside, is crucial. Operating in various regions consists of complying to local regulatory requirements. Here are some common compliance certifications that are necessary for organizations to operate in various regions of the world:

Common Security and Privacy Standards


Canada: PIPEDA

UK: Cyber Essentials

California: CCPA

Diversifying your enterprise’s portfolio may also consist of multiple business units. Security controls in an organization differ depending upon the nature of the business. One business unit may be solely E-Commerce while another is providing open source software to your customers. Common compliance certifications that are required in the industry are based on the type of data that is transferred, stored and processed.

Is your company….

Cloud-Based?: CSA STAR

Handling medical data?: HIPAA

Working with the federal government?: FedRAMP

Handling payment transactions?: PCI DSS

Knowing how security varies within large organizations, we recognized the pain point for vendors and their prospects. We wanted to give our customers a way to better demonstrate their security posture with a more customized approach. Security is not a one-size-fits-all and there are no two organizations alike. The Multi Product feature offers the option to organize by region or business unit.

This organization chose to organize their portal by regions to easily navigate to different areas of their trust center.

This feature allows customers’ prospects to navigate to different pages of their Trust Center, showcasing the various differences in security posture among products, business units, or regions. Does your organization have different compliance reports for different regions? Not a problem! You can simply create a new portal for each region, and upload the relevant reports. Are some products hosted in Azure, and others in AWS? Once again, the MultiProd feature allows you to specify the differences for each product.

Interested in using a SafeBase Trust Center to showcase security for your varying products or business units? Contact us for a demo today!

SafeBase is the scalable Trust Center that automates the security review process between buyers and sellers. With a SafeBase Trust Center, companies can seamlessly share sensitive security documentation with buyers and customers, including streamlining the NDA signing process by integrating with your CRM and your data warehouse. 

If you’re ready to take back the time your team spends on security questionnaires, create a better buying experience, and position security as the revenue-driver it is, get in touch with us.