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Frequently asked questions

SafeBase is building a network of companies who are building trust through transparency. With this network comes great visibility into the software supply chain, which further builds industry trust. Customers today demand that their vendors take security seriously, and with a SafeBase Trust Center, companies can prove this and often win deals against their competitors. Additionally, through automated security program updates, people open the lines of communication in case of a breach or other event, building even more trust in times of stress.
Companies can always use our service with our free plan, but real value today comes when companies fully automate the security review workflow and begin to use data and insights from the platform. We strongly believe we are providing significant value and that the ROI of SafeBase is greater than the cost.
SafeBase automates the entire security review process for your customers. Through complex workflow integrations, security tool integrations, and NDA automation we are removing countless hours from the security team — saving between 1-3 FTEs in cost. Additionally, sales reps and CSMs lives become much easier as they can now give their customers answers to the any security, compliance, and privacy related questions via the public Trust Center. Additionally, we have proven that our ROI is always greater than the amount we are charging and have an ROI model to back that.
Plans are billed annually.
An active account is one company that logs into your Trust Center. Example: A new prospect, Sunburst Software, wants to access your Trust Center to complete a security review. You grant access to all 5 members of their security team. This will count as 1 active account.

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