Demonstrate the power of your security programs with SafeBase analytics

Strengthen your security story with real-time insights that bridge the gap between security impact and business success
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Empower security teams with SafeBase analytics and a wealth of data

Feel confident you're sharing the right information with key stakeholders. From account engagement to security-influenced revenue, SafeBase analytics offers comprehensive insights into the impact of your security and trust programs.

Plus, ensure you're meeting the needs of your buyer with at-a-glance dashboards that inform where and how to spend your time and resources.

In-depth insights into buyer security review behavior

Know where to focus your efforts with a deeper understanding of how buyers are interacting with your Trust Center and how well-enabled they are to self serve.

SafeBase analytics give you a granular look into engagement metrics, like overall views and access requests, account activity, and document interactions.

Demonstrate security ROI with advanced analytics

We know how instrumental security teams can be in helping sales close more deals, more quickly. And we want to help you show it.

Effectively communicate the business impact of your security and trust programs with SafeBase advanced analytics. Info-rich dashboards give a granular view into the ROI of your security investments and connect your team’s efforts to ARR, pipeline, and deal velocity.

See why hundreds of companies choose a SafeBase Trust Center

Learn how SafeBase shows the impact of your security and trust efforts

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