Security questionnaire assistance

Use your Trust Center and AI to answer security questionnaires

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Questionnaire Assistance

Leverage your Trust Center to answer
questionnaires quickly and accurately

Questionnaire assistance using your Trust Center and AI

A Trust Center reduces the likelihood of a security questionnaire. But when you have to answer one, a SafeBase Trust Center can help with the power of AI.

Complete security questionnaires in minutes

Approve answers, edit, and collaborate on AI-generated responses. Export completed questionnaires in the original format. All in one place.

Respond to any questionnaire in any portal, any time

Use our Chrome extension to respond to security questionnaires directly in buyers’ TPRM portals, leveraging all of your content.

Easily answer one-off questions within your workflow

Discover the best responses to buyer questions in seconds using advanced search capabilities, plus integrated search with Slackbot.

Get smarter with every new response

Easily incorporate new questionnaire answers into the Knowledge Base, strengthening your wealth of knowledge with every new response.

Trust-minded organizations choose SafeBase

See why growing companies worldwide trust SafeBase to simplify the security questionnaire burden and make the buying process a breeze.

Start building long-lasting customer trust

See why growing companies worldwide choose our industry leading Trust Center.
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