Solutions for Security Questionnaires

Simplify security questionnaires with a Trust Center Platform

Don't waste time manually answering security questionnaires. The SafeBase Trust Center Platform has everything you need to easily and efficiently respond to security reviews.
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Reduce the burden of security questionnaires with a SafeBase Trust Center

Our mission is to make security questionnaires a pain of the past. But, we understand not every company is ready to let go of their questionnaires.

Not to worry. Our industry leading Trust Center has everything today's enterprises need to drastically reduce inbound questionnaires.

In fact, our Trust Center-first approach reduces inbound questionnaires by 74% or more.

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The Trust Center that’s pushing the security industry forward

We get it — security questionnaires have been around for a long time and change is hard.

That’s okay. We’re here to support you with the questionnaires you get today, and we’re leading the charge to leave security questionnaires behind — for good.

Our goal isn’t just to help with the questionnaire problem you have right now. Rather, we're showing the industry there’s a better, more efficient way to perform security reviews.

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Spend less time on questionnaires and more time on strategic security initiatives

Automate the security questionnaire answering process and eliminate the tedious back-and-forth with SafeBase AI Questionnaire Assistance.

Once questions have been answered, auto-approve and integrate responses into our Google Chrome extension, enabling security teams to provide responses directly within your buyer’s risk management portal.

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Ensure accurate answers to your questionnaires with our security-trained AI

Using a proprietary mix of large and small language models tailored specifically for the security and compliance domain, our AI products mitigate the risk of inaccurate responses that occur with more general models.

And unlike other models that store and reuse customer data, we don't store our customers’ data, use it to train our AI, or mix it with data from other customers. This approach ensures the highest level of data security and privacy without compromising performance.

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