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Completely controllable by security teams and loved by buyers, a Trust Center makes it easy to share sensitive security and compliance documentation, build customer trust, and close deals faster. Industry leaders including LinkedIn, Asana, and Snyk use SafeBase to power their customer Trust Centers.
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How Trust Centers Work

We understand the importance of trust, security, and compliance in today's business landscape. Our innovative Trust Centers empower both Security and Sales teams to effortlessly share and automate access to security, compliance, and privacy information.

By leveraging SafeBase, organizations can reduce security questionnaires, create a better buying experience, accelerate sales velocity, and position security as a revenue driver. We offer a comprehensive solution that aggregates and organizes all of your company's regulatory and compliance achievements, streamlining the process like never before.
Create a Centralized Repository
Design an organized and user-friendly space that houses all your company's hard-earned regulatory and compliance information. Accessing and sharing essential documents becomes a seamless experience.
Automate Stakeholder Access
Say goodbye to manual data sharing and welcome automated access. Empower your Security and Sales teams to share necessary information with customers, ensuring timely responses and a positive impression.
Update Everything in Real Time
Keep your Trust Center up-to-date with the latest regulatory achievements and compliance documents. SafeBase makes it easy to upload and manage the most current information that your buyers and customers care about.
Prove Security ROI
Demonstrate the impact of security on revenue with back-end reporting and advanced analytics. Integrations with critical Sales tools ensure alignment and prioritization.
Instacart Saved Thousands of Hours by Streamlining Security Reviews
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Trust Center Benefits
Accelerated Sales Cycles
Enable your Sales team to quickly respond to customer inquiries, leading to faster deal closures and increased revenue opportunities.
Customizable Access Levels
Tailor access levels for different stakeholders within your organization, ensuring that sensitive information is protected.
Effortless Compliance Management
Eliminate redundant questionnaires and manual data sharing. Easily organize essential security, compliance, and privacy information.
Trusted By Industry Leaders
Here's why so many leading organizations are creating their Trust Centers with SafeBase
“Security being one of our selling points, the work of the go-to-market teams and the security team at Metadata are completely intertwined. Our ability to communicate our security posture to prospective customers - and existing customers - is an absolutely essential element of our sales process, and, by extension, our ability to win."

Ray Taft - CISO, Metadata
"SafeBase’s automated NDA flow, public facing security portal, and trust center updates have saved countless emails from retailers and significantly reduced the volume of security questionnaires we are receiving as part of the vendor review process."

Blake Hoge - Former Sr. Risk and Compliance Engineer, Instacart
"While we have added over 10,000 customers since implementing SafeBase, and increased the size of our sales team, we have noticed little increase in the workload on our team as part of the process due to having resources readily and publicly available."

Bret Bender - Information Security Engineer, Jamf
"The Salesforce integration and rules engine have been a game changer. Easily configurable, we have it set-up so that all existing customers get instantaneous access to our Trust Center, and all prospects are automatically presented with an NDA."

Kenneth Moras - Privacy & Security Governance, Plaid
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Trust Center?
A SafeBase Trust Center enables Security, GRC, and Sales teams to proactively share and automate access to security, compliance, and privacy information. You can view a variety of Trust Centers in our showcase.

How many companies use SafeBase?
Over 400 leading companies are using SafeBase for proactive trust communication.

Why don't I build my own trust center?
Building a trust center on your own is complex and expensive. Most companies cannot dedicate the necessary resources to build and maintain a trust center internally. By using SafeBase, your team can instantly benefit from our best in class platform, advanced CRM integrations, and NDA automations that would be complex and time-consuming to build internally.

How is the SafeBase Trust Center platform different?
SafeBase is the only Trust Center provider for which reducing security questionnaires and improving the buyer experience are top priorities. This is evidenced by the SafeBase Trust Center's focus on workflow automation, analytics and insights, and the enablement of ongoing communication with customers.

The SafeBase solution is a robust Trust Center that automates customer workflows for signing NDAs and approving access requests for sensitive documents. Additionally, SafeBase leverages integrations with security tools like SecurityScorecard and StatusPage, enabling companies to showcase their comprehensive security posture. SafeBase also helps security teams prove the value of their efforts through Advanced Analytics.

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