Team SafeBase

Today, we announced that industry veteran Lisa Hall has joined SafeBase’s executive team as Chief Information Security Officer. With more than two decades of information security leadership experience, Lisa is poised to help SafeBase elevate our industry-leading focus on customer trust. 

We caught up with Lisa to learn more about her philosophies on security and trust, her passion areas, and her perspectives on the future of the cybersecurity community.

Welcome to the team, Lisa! We’re so excited you’ve joined Team SafeBase as our new CISO. Can you give us a sense of what your role will look like?

Thank you, I’m excited to be a part of this amazing team! 

My top priority as CISO here at SafeBase will be to ensure the security of our systems and products as we grow and continue to enable organizations to build and maintain trust with their buyers and customers. Security and transparency are the foundations of customer trust, and I’m here to ensure we walk it like we talk it. 

I’m also excited to continue to support our community-building and knowledge-sharing efforts within the security industry.

Would you share a bit about your background and the journey that led you here?

Well, I actually started my journey in security as an Executive Assistant to a CISO. That’s where my knowledge for tech and my creative streak really came together. I found it to be a fun and interesting challenge — finding different ways to get folks excited about security, articulating technical solutions to tie into business objectives, and finding ways to make “the easiest way” the “most secure” way.  

As I’ve progressed in my career, I’ve put an emphasis on holistic security — ensuring that security is deeply embedded into the company’s product, business systems, and even culture. It feels only natural that in the next leg of the journey, I’ll be part of an organization that’s promoting that message at scale. 

Why SafeBase? 

I was first introduced to SafeBase by being a customer! I was an immediate fan and after my departure from that company, I stayed in touch with the team and continued to be interested in the community SafeBase is pioneering. I even moderated a panel at SafeBase’s first Women in Trust event last year! 

Once I heard SafeBase was looking for a CISO, I knew it was a great opportunity to do what I do best – building security programs, teams, and culture — and also continue to help advance the trajectory of the security community at large. 

Tell us about your perspective on customer trust. Where does it fit into today’s business landscape? 

I think in today’s business landscape, customer trust is a key component to success. The scrutiny we, as an industry, put on our third party vendors definitely isn't decreasing. 

Our customers value transparency — security through obscurity is a thing of the past. I truly believe the industry-wide shift toward transparency is for the better, and we’ll see more and more organizations find ways to make their security posture known and understood by their customers and buyers from the get-go.

What investments do you foresee your peers making in customer trust in the next couple of years? 

As more and more companies see the value of building trust with their customers, their peers, and their community, I think we can expect to see investments follow. Not only does a Trust Center provide transparency and the opportunity to reduce the workload on the security team, the value add is really the insights that can be learned from this network of peers and Trust Centers. 

How do you see SafeBase leading in the customer trust space? 

I see SafeBase being the leader in providing a platform for companies to not only demonstrate a robust security posture to their customers and external parties, but to also leverage and learn from their own Trust Center insights. I also think SafeBase will lead by furthering knowledge sharing, where we, as a community, can learn from our peers and contribute to collective growth across the industry. 

This announcement comes after a year of exceptional growth for SafeBase. In 2023, we amassed more than two million views of our flagship Trust Center product, doubled our customer base, and launched a host of new products and features that streamline the security review process for vendors and their buyers. In 2024, SafeBase plans to continue our rapid trajectory with significant investments in products and integrations that optimize organizations’ efforts to build and maintain customer trust through cybersecurity. 

SafeBase is the scalable Trust Center that automates the security review process between buyers and sellers. With a SafeBase Trust Center, companies can seamlessly share sensitive security documentation with buyers and customers, including streamlining the NDA signing process by integrating with your CRM and your data warehouse. 

If you’re ready to take back the time your team spends on security questionnaires, create a better buying experience, and position security as the revenue-driver it is, get in touch with us.