Sarah Trainor

As companies navigate a competitive global marketplace, building and maintaining trust with customers has emerged as a critical priority. Recognizing this, many organizations are embracing the concept of a Trust Communication strategy—and finding streamlined ways to share their security and compliance information with customers and prospective customers.

The Value of Trust and Security Pages

An increasingly popular way to communicate trust is the publication of a Trust or Security page on the organization’s website. One of the earliest and most well-known examples of this is Salesforce’s Trust Center, which shows product status, security and compliance information, and company values. By visiting this page, customers see a high-level overview of Salesforce’s commitment to trust and come away feeling confident that their data will be protected. 

It’s not only Salesforce that has recognized the value of a Trust Center in recent years. Many companies, both large and small, have built their own lightweight Trust pages to transparently share their practices, policies, and commitments to security. Security leaders are realizing that transparency is an indispensable driver of trust—and a public-facing Trust Center, even if homegrown, serves as a tangible embodiment of a company’s commitment to transparency. 

Beyond the Static

True transparency often requires more than a static webpage. At SafeBase, we’re fortunate to have worked with hundreds of leading security teams to both build and augment their existing Trust Communication strategies. Many of these partners started their journey with a Trust and Security page, and took their efforts up a notch by developing an interactive Trust Center.

These companies’ security leaders have learned that building and maintaining customer trust is a dynamic, ever-evolving journey that involves many stakeholders and touchpoints. On a static webpage, documentation becomes out-of-date, and multiple teams must still coordinate with one another via email. Progress through the sales journey must be confirmed manually (and often). An interactive Trust Center streamlines communications across all parties, tracks and reports on progress, and automates the most repetitive and tedious parts of the process.  

Leading with Transparency

Confluent, the industry-leading cloud platform for data in motion, is a perfect example. Before rolling out SafeBase, Confluent developed a Trust & Security page on their website (seen below)outlining the company’s commitments to their customers. However, the process of sharing sensitive security documentation was still a source of major friction that the static page could not address. Confluent’s security team still had to field frequent requests for documents like the SOC 2 from current and prospective customers, and deal with time-consuming security reviews.

Confluent's Trust & Security page on their website - SafeBase
Confluent's Trust & Security page on their website

Confluent’s security team set up their SafeBase Trust Center—including views for both Confluent Cloud and Confluent Platform. They added all of their security and compliance certifications, uploaded frequently-requested documents, and set colors and branding to match their corporate identity. 

Confluent's Trust Center / Security Portal - SafeBase
Confluent's Trust Center, powered by SafeBase

Now Confluent’s customers and prospects have self-serve access to security documentation and the ability to complete security reviews in moments, rather than hours. Confluent’s security team benefits from SafeBase’s automated NDA flow, along with advanced analytics which allow them to track engagement and access.

Requesting SOC 2 access inside Confluent's SafeBase Trust Center - SafeBase
Confluent's customers and prospects can now self-serve access to documents like the SOC 2 Report

Confluent’s Trust and Security page now links directly to their Trust Center, uniting the company’s public-facing security story with a portal that automates and streamlines Trust Communication both internally and externally—the best of both worlds.

Confluent's trust page featuring a link to their Trust Center - SafeBase
Confluent's website now links directly to their SafeBase Trust Center

Take your Trust Communication to the Next Level

Whether your company already has a Trust and Security page, or if you’re just getting started with your Trust Communication strategy, SafeBase can help. Our innovative platform powers the Trust Centers of hundreds of companies, including LinkedIn, Datadog, Asana, Jamf, and Plaid. Get in touch for a personalized demo today!