Manage customer trust with SafeBase

Create and customize a public-facing Trust Center

It's never been easier to transparently share your security posture with customers and prospects. Showcase compliance logos, certifications, and product security details in an attractive and easily customizable portal. Upload the documents your customers care about, including SOC 2 Type 2, Pentests, and whitepapers. 

Streamline workflows with automation and advanced controls

SafeBase's built-in automated NDA flow cuts down on manual back-and-forth, improving turnaround time and speeding up your sales cycle. Advanced controls, like permission profiles and access revocation/expiration, allow your team to easily manage and track access.

Power up your Smart Trust Center with our Salesforce integration

Enterprise plans can harness the power of our Salesforce app and integration. By enabling SFDC auto-approve or bypass NDA features, your existing customers can access the information they need in an instant. That means fewer email requests, less back and forth, and a smoother experience for everyone involved. Plus, get full visibility into SafeBase activity within SFDC.

Gain insights into customer trust

Learn what aspects of security and compliance your audience cares about. Get insights into page visitors, completed NDAs, document downloads, card interactions, and more with a powerful in-app analytics dashboard. Enterprise users can enable warehouse sync to push key SafeBase data directly to Snowflake, BigQuery, Redshift, S3 or most other data warehouses.

Proactively share security and compliance updates

Trust Center Updates allow you to easily share important updates with customers and prospects. Share new document availability (e.g. new SOC 2), policy updates, and responses to security vulnerabilities in the news—Subscribers will be updated via email or when they visit your Trust Center.

Discover SafeBase

Learn how SafeBase has helped companies speed through security assessments and expedite deals.