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Build and customize your company’s public security portal

Screenshot of SafeBase Smart Trust Center
A SafeBase Trust Center makes it easy to aggregate and organize all of your company’s hard-earned regulatory and compliance achievements and information in one well-designed space. Upload all the most up-to-date documents your buyers and customers care about, including SOC 2, Pentests, and more.

A Knowledge Base built for security and GRC teams

Screenshot of SafeBase's searchable Knowledge Base
The vast majority of security questions are answered by the Trust Center. In the rare case a buyer needs more information, security, sales, and proposals teams can leverage an organized Knowledge Base of all the most common and less common security questions.

Communicate proactively with buyers and customers

Screenshot of a Trust Center Update shared from a SafeBase Trust Center, showing that a new SOC 2 report is available
With Trust Center Updates, companies can proactively send important updates to customers and prospects in a controllable, streamlined way. Share new document availability, policy updates, and responses to potential security vulnerabilities in a way that demonstrates your commitment to customer data security.

Improve turnaround times with automated NDA flows

Screenshot illustrating the automated NDA flow within SafeBase's Smart Trust Center
SafeBase’s built-in automated NDA flow dramatically reduces time to productivity, easing the burden of — and time spent on — security review processes for buyers, customers, and internal teams alike. Advanced features like automatic approvals reduce sales cycle friction even further.

Elevated oversight, even with increased transparency

Screenshot showing a permission profile within SafeBase's Smart Trust Center.
With SafeBase, security and GRC teams gain greater control over their companies’ security information, even as they become more transparent and proactive. Advanced features like permission profiles, Granular Access, and Revoke Access/expiration mean safer and easier oversight into who can access sensitive information and for how long.

Easily integrate with your most critical apps and platforms

Screenshot showing SafeBase's Salesforce integration
Invest in the smoothest possible security review process with meaningful integrations across your full tech stack. Advanced users can harness the power of their CRM, Salesforce and Hubspot, including auto-approve and NDA bypass features, plus gain full visibility and reporting on sales teams’ SafeBase activity.

Understand the impact of your security program with Data Warehouse Sync and custom analytics

Visual depiction of Warehouse Sync, showing a few of the fields and items that can be synced to a data warehouse. The example shown is Snowflake.
Back-end reporting and connections provide ongoing insight into the effectiveness of your customer trust programs and communications, paving the way for internal visibility and continuous improvement. Easily and securely send critical SafeBase data to Snowflake, BigQuery, Redshift, S3, and most other data warehouses — no code required.
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