Dedicated to help you tackle the toughest problems in the security review process.

Fast Editing and Publishing

Configure your security status page in minutes using the intuitive status page editor. The built-in Best Practices guides make it a breeze to publish industry-leading security documentation.

Secure Access to Material Information with Integrated NDA Signing

Ensure that your security program details stay secured with the built-in click wrap and DocuSign NDA signing processes.

Customer Account Management and Salesforce Integration

Augment your CRM data with security program review progress details. Know when a customer has signed an NDA, viewed your private status page, or downloaded a file. The ROI for maintaining a robust security program is now measurable.

Custom Domains and Security.Page

Host your status page at the URL of your choice or lay claim to your security.page URL free of charge.

Instant Search

Search across past questionnaires and your entire status page database to find answers to security questions instantly.

Enterprise Authentication and Role-Based Access Control

SafeBase can scale with your organizational needs for authentication and access control with support for popular Single Sign-On schemes, SAML, and SCIM.

Verbose Analytics

Enrich your understanding of the sales pipeline using key insights from customer interactions on your security status page.

Subscriptions and Notifications

Customers subscribed to your status page will be first to know when you publish a change to your security program.

Simplify the Process for Everyone

SafeBase sits at the center of the complex security assessment process
For Information Security Teams

SafeBase makes it easy to keep security program details organized and easily accessible.
For Enterprise Sales Teams

SafeBase automates repetitive tasks during the security assessment process.
For Vendor Management Teams

SafeBase presents interactive and organized security program details for customers to review.
For Purchasing Decision Makers

SafeBase makes it easy to prevent security from being a blocker for buyers.

Customers Trust SafeBase to Help Them Speed Through Security Reviews

"I know how much time I spend reviewing vendor security and SafeBase allows me to make it as easy and painless as possible for my peers and our customers."

Chris Castaldo
Chief Information Security Officer, Crossbeam

"With SafeBase, our reps feel confident when completing security assessments and we don't spend extra time to maintain our own security page. It has sped up the sales cycle and reduced the headache of dealing with security."

David Reed
VP of Sales, ReadMe

Recko recently raised a Series A round of funding and are focused on streamlining their sales process to speed up growth.

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