Built for everyone who cares about your security

Maintain a crystal-clear Trust Center backed by access control and automation

Manage a public Security Portal within the security team

Let prospects know about your company’s commitment to security. Share your risk profile, product security details, certification and compliance logos, and private documents in one place that takes minutes to build.

See it in action

Update accounts and capture new leads

Automatically inform your sales team whenever a contact from an account requests or views a private document. And pull never-before-seen leads into Salesforce so your sales team can follow up.

Host completed questionnaires, your pentest, SOC 2, and more

Anywhere from 70-90% of your prospects won’t send you security questionnaires when they see that you’ve already filled something similar out. Securely showcase private documents to eliminate back-and-forth emails.

Set up request walls and vet who gets in

Automatically block requests from non-business domain names. Quickly check the business domains that come in to grant the requests of your prospects—not your competitors. Or, allow access to every request if you want.

Send quick NDAs that allow instant access

When you approve an incoming request, an NDA is auto populated with the right contact information and sent on your behalf. Once the NDA is signed, the prospect can check out the document or completed questionnaire right away.

SafeBase reduces the requirement of involving our security team in the sharing process and puts that power in our sales and customers' hands. Our Security Portal removes steps in the process for customers to get the information they need to make educated assessments of our products.”
Bret Bender
Information Security Engineer, Jamf

Keep answers to security questions in one place

With your completed questionnaires and reports, you’ll automatically generate a searchable database that anyone in your organization can use to answer questions from leads and customers.

Discover your most-requested reports

Learn what aspects of security your audience cares about. Get insights into page visitors, completed NDAs, comments, and the Security Portal cards that have been expanded the most.

Allow customers to subscribe to your security news

Keep prospects and customers in the loop with a subscription to your Trust Center Updates. As you add new certifications and reports or share security bulletins, they’ll be the first to know.

In our first year with SafeBase, Instacart will save thousands of hours for Security, GRC, Legal, and Business Development teams. SafeBase’s automated NDA flow, public facing security portal, and trust center updates have saved countless emails from retailers and significantly reduced the volume of security questionnaires we are receiving as part of the vendor review process.”
Blake Hoge
Sr. Risk and Compliance Engineer, Instacart

Simplify the Process for Everyone

SafeBase sits at the center of the complex security assessment process
For Information Security Teams

SafeBase makes it easy to keep security program details organized and easily accessible.
For Enterprise Sales Teams

SafeBase automates repetitive tasks during the security assessment process.
For Vendor Management Teams

SafeBase presents interactive and organized security program details for customers to review.
For Purchasing Decision Makers

SafeBase makes it easy to prevent security from being a blocker for buyers.

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