Employee Spotlight: Orel Regev

Marisa DiMuro
September 1, 2022

To kick off our new Employee Spotlight, we spoke to Orel Regev from our product team.

What role do you play at SafeBase?

I am a Product Manager.

How did you land at SafeBase?

After my service in Unit 8200 of the Israeli Intelligence, I was eager to leverage technology to transform the most overlooked parts of the SaaS world. Through mutual friends, I met Adar, Co-Founder & CTO at SafeBase, and quickly became SafeBase’s 5th employee.

Who on the team inspires you the most?

All parents. These incredibles excel in their positions while putting endless energy into family life. Their love for their profession and loved ones lights their fire when sleep is gone. It’s beautiful.

What resonates with you the most about our company culture?

Being uniquely-you. The cliché is right: we are all special. Each of us brings abnormal qualities the team needs to flourish. Each holds distinctive expertise. Being uniquely-you means bringing your best self to the workplace while feeling good as hell.

Being a remote-first company, how do you connect with your colleagues?

Memes, GIFs, and Slack emojis. What else? JK, I also love connecting with my brilliant colleagues on social media. Each of them is a lot beyond their virtual Zoom background.

What have you learned about security since working at SafeBase?

Security, let alone trust, is a never-ending process. It has to be maintained through diligent work, sensitivity to technological and industry changes, and clever communication. Developing security is fascinating, like developing products.

How do you enjoy your free time?

I live in a different country each month! Wherever I am, I’m down for a good adventure. This fall, I will scale Mount Kilimanjaro, ski in Finland, trek in the Sahara Desert, and run the famous Valencia Half Marathon. I am grateful for fulfilling my dreams while working remotely. 

What excites you most about the future of SafeBase?

A world without security questionnaires. That’s where we’re heading.

Want to join Orel in building the future of customer trust? Check out open roles here: safebase.io/careers

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