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In today’s ever-evolving GRC landscape, organizations face multifaceted challenges in ensuring compliance, managing risks, and addressing security reviews efficiently.

To tackle these hurdles effectively, businesses need a robust tech stack that works together to not only assess their compliance and risk posture but also streamlines the process of responding to security reviews. That's why the SafeBase and Hyperproof teams are excited to announce their partnership, creating better access to the tools that make this possible.

Through this partnership, our mutual customers will have the tools they need for their compliance management and trust center visibility. In doing so, users will be able to confidently build trust with their customers through transparency and demonstrated security commitment.

Join our experts, Lisa Hall, CISO at SafeBase and Kayne McGladrey, Field CISO at Hyperproof, to learn more about:

  • Identifying common challenges associated with compliance and security posture
  • How to transform your approach to security to save time by automating your compliance and security-related tasks
  • Learn how SafeBase and Hyperproof combined can transform your compliance programs
  • Learn how to increase customer trust and improve the customer experience

SafeBase is the leading Trust Center Platform designed for friction-free security reviews. With an enterprise-grade Trust Center, SafeBase automates the security review process and transforms how companies communicate their security and trust posture. 

If you want to see how fast-growing companies like LinkedIn, Asana, and Jamf take back the time their teams spend on security questionnaires, create better buying experiences, and position security as the revenue-driver it is, schedule a demo.