Frequently Asked Questions

About SafeBase

What is SafeBase?
SafeBase is the customer trust platform that helps organizations showcase their security and compliance posture.
What is a Trust Center?
A SafeBase Trust Center enables Security, GRC, and Sales teams to proactively share and automate access to security, compliance, and privacy information. You can view a variety of customer Trust Centers in our showcase.
How many companies use SafeBase?
Over 400 leading companies are using SafeBase for proactive trust communication.
Where can I learn more about SafeBase's security and compliance?

Why SafeBase?

Why don’t I just set up a website to share my security information?
A static marketing page will help tell your security story, but won’t allow customers an interactive way to engage with your content. Additionally, they will still have to reach out to you to receive any documents that require an NDA which can be quite a long process. Another added bonus is that anyone who self-discovers your SafeBase Trust center will get logged as a lead in your CRM - instantly adding to your company’s growth!
Why don't I build my own trust center?
Building a trust center on your own is complex and expensive. is a good example—it took a long time and a team of engineers to build. Most companies cannot dedicate the necessary resources to build and maintain a trust center internally. We think it says a lot that the former Chief Trust Officer at Salesforce who led development of their trust center is now an investor in SafeBase.

By using SafeBase, your team can instantly benefit from our best in class platform, advanced CRM integrations, and NDA automations that would be complex and time-consuming to build internally.
What is the problem SafeBase is solving?
B2B transactions increasingly require a third party risk management assessment to finalize a contract or renewal. This usually comes in the form of long-form customized security questionnaires. The manual nature of this review, collection of information, and response process leads this to be one of the most laborious stages in the procurement process. It is also perhaps the most siloed. Only security and compliance teams have access to the sensitive compliance documents (i.e. SOC2 report or pentest) and the answers to the extensive security questions. This is a recipe for an inefficient and draining process. It is also a dynamic that directly negatively impacts the vendor’s bottom line. It often takes weeks to complete with lots of back and forth, becoming the bottleneck that slows down sales and renewal processes. It not only delays revenue-generating sales, but the extensive process also significantly stresses cross-functional relationships, straining an organization’s most valuable asset: customer trust.

Despite all of this, even organizations with world-class security programs have lacked a cohesive method for showcasing their security posture to streamline third party risk management. The SafeBase Trust Center helps Security and GRC teams organize and articulate their security posture in a way that builds long-lasting customer trust.
Does SafeBase actually reduce questionnaires?
We are proud to say we have many data points to prove that SafeBase reduces questionnaires. Here are a few examples:

✔️ Jamf scaled to 10K new customers in a year without having to grow the security team
✔️ In just 6 months ClickUp avoided over 250 questionnaires by giving customers access to their Trust Center
✔️ Over 50% of JupiterOne customers had all assessment questions answered after accessing their Trust Center

At our core, we believe that trust is built through transparency and when people proactively offer a Trust Center, before the topic of a questionnaire is brought up, prospects are very receptive to self-servicing.
Am I still going to have to manually approve customers? How do I actually save time?
You don't have to! We have a robust integration with HubSpot and Salesforce that allows you to define rules to automatically approve customers who request access to your Trust Center. Please see our Help Article for more details here.
How does SafeBase help with renewals?
Many of our users see great value from SafeBase when existing customers come up for renewals. By making security, compliance, and privacy information easily accessible, you can empower your customers to quickly complete their security reviews without sending you another security questionnaire.
Does SafeBase work for companies in highly-regulated industries?
We have several customers in highly regulated industries such as finance, healthcare, and government vendors. These customers include SoFi, Color Health, and Palantir. We see plenty of activity from various top biotech/healthcare companies, banks, and government agencies in our customer's Trust Centers. These customers have all seen a significant reduction in time spent on security assessments as well as much more limited communications from using our Trust Center Updates.

The SafeBase Difference

How is SafeBase different from security rating solutions?
First of all, we don’t provide companies a “score” based on the information available in their trust centers. SafeBase Trust Centers empower companies to share their security and compliance posture with an easy-to-view, self-service interface. Your customers can get instantaneous approval to access all the documents they need to conduct a security review, ask the vendor security team questions, and be informed of any security program updates and alerts.

SafeBase's goal is to eliminate security questionnaires and make the sales/procurement process more efficient, rather than to provide a score. SafeBase users can share their SecurityScorecard (and other providers) scores on their SafeBase Trust Center if they wish.
Don’t other companies have trust centers? How is this different?
A few companies in the security space have recently come out with lightweight versions of a Trust Center.

However, these companies focus on helping their customers get compliant with security and compliance standards (i.e. SOC2). They are not focused on workflow automation, analytics and insights, or ongoing communication with customers.

The SafeBase solution is a robust Trust Center that automates customer workflows for signing NDAs and approving access requests for sensitive documents. Additionally we have integrations with various security tools like SecurityScorecard and StatusPage so that companies can showcase everything about their trust posture. SafeBase also helps companies prove the value that the security team is providing to the company through our advanced analytics. We believe in eliminating security questionnaires by leading with transparency.

No other trust center solution offers the range of features or integrations that SafeBase does, and we are constantly working to improve the platform for our users.


Ok but what’s the value? This helps me save an FTE or a couple of days of sales cycle, whats the big deal?
SafeBase is building a network of companies who are building trust through transparency. With this network comes great visibility into the software supply chain, which further builds industry trust. Customers today demand that their vendors take security seriously, with SafeBase companies can prove this and often win deals against their competitors. Additionally, through automated security program updates, people open the lines of communication in case of a breach or other event, building even more trust in times of stress.
Why isn't this free?
Companies can always use our service with our free plan, but real value today comes when companies fully automate the security review workflow and begin to use data and insights from the platform. We strongly believe we are providing significant value and that the ROI of SafeBase is greater than the cost.
Why would I pay for this every year?
SafeBase automates the entire security review process for your customers. Through complex workflow integrations, security tool integrations, and NDA automation we are removing countless hours from the security team - saving between 1-3 FTEs in cost. Additionally, sales reps and CSMs lives become much easier as they can now give their customers answers to the any security, compliance, and privacy related questions via the public Trust Center. Additionally, we have proven that our ROI is always greater than the amount we are charging and have an ROI model to back that.
What type of plans does SafeBase offer?
SafeBase has plans to fit any organization's needs. Our free plan includes a custom-branded Trust Center and everything you need to jumpstart your journey to long-lasting customer trust. Paid plans add more advanced features and integrations, along with increased active account thresholds. You can see full plan details on our Pricing page.
How are plans billed?
Plans are billed annually.
How is an "active account" defined?
An active account is one company that logs into your Trust Center.

Example: A new prospect, Sunburst Software, wants to access your Trust Center to complete a security review. You grant access to all 5 members of their security team. This will count as 1 active account.


How does SafeBase integrate with my CRM?
SafeBase integrates with both Salesforce and Hubspot CRMs. You can read more detail about the integrations in our Help Center.
How does SafeBase integrate with my existing tech stack?
SafeBase integrates with a variety of productivity tools, including Slack, Jira, DocuSign, and Intercom. We also have integrations with SecurityScorecard, Microsoft AIP, and You can see a full list of integrations here.
Does your solution support SAML?
Yes! Check out our Help Center article here. SCIM support is also coming soon.