How JupiterOne Manages Security Reviews with One Link

With a single link to their SafeBase Trust Center, JupiterOne can provide easy access to all the information prospects and customers need in one place.

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About JupiterOne

JupiterOne provides a platform for managing an organization's digital assets and cybersecurity posture by giving full visibility into complex cloud environments to secure their cyber assets and attack surface. JupiterOne, like SafeBase, is in the business of helping businesses answer tough questions, simplify complex processes, and increase the visibility of an organization’s security posture. 

As JupiterOne experienced hypergrowth after its founding in 2020, the dreaded security review was creating a backlog of questions and assessments from prospects. The ability to quickly implement a comprehensive solution that would divert questionnaires before they’re sent, allow prospects to self-serve access to JupiterOne’s security documentation, and enable the Security team to focus on the highest ROI prospects was paramount to the decision to implement a Trust Center.


  • Needed an easy-to-implement yet comprehensive solution to manage customer trust
  • Backlog of security questionnaires blocked deals from closing


  • Trust Center provides a single source of truth for prospects, customers and internal teams
  • 50%+ of customer questions and assessments satisfied after accessing Trust Center
  • JupiterOne was able to scale sales efforts without needing additional Security support

Unblocking Sales and Lifting Revenue

The JupiterOne team launched their Trust Center a little over a year ago, and they’ll never look back to the time when every prospect had their own security review process and the JupiterOne team was manually completing hours of repetitive work. Field Security Director Jasmine Henry points to a Forrester statement that rings true for JupiterOne’s decision to work with SafeBase: “In 2021, digital transformation no longer counts as innovative; it’s a baseline expectation for every enterprise…consumers and business leaders will increasingly turn to companies they can trust. And trust will move markets.”

With a single link to their SafeBase Trust Center, JupiterOne provides easy access to all the information prospects and customers need in one place. This not only saves JupiterOne valuable time, but also reduces the risk of human error. JupiterOne's Trust Center is regularly updated with the latest security information, ensuring that prospects and customers always have the most up-to-date information available. JupiterOne is able to efficiently complete security reviews with minimal disruption to the security team’s business of keeping the company safe.

JupiterOne’s security team loves the transparency and automation provided by SafeBase, while the sales team loves how little they need to use it to get their job done. The common refrain from the Sales team is “just go to” and never hear another security question. Better still is the minimal time required to onboard to SafeBase and train up the Sales team. 

After the Security team set up their Trust Center, they used the SafeBase for Slack integration to alert the Sales team when prospects request access to security documentation - automatically keeping them updated on their deals and giving JupiterOne greater visibility into the sales cycle.

The JupiterOne Sales team now kicks off the “security review” as soon as possible, sometimes sending prospects to their Trust Center immediately after a demo. Given that security is now a baseline requirement for enterprise software transactions, both JupiterOne and their prospects recognize the benefits: nobody wants their sale stalled at the 11th hour because of a security review and buyers can be confident presenting their purchases with a stamp of approval from the Security team.

"It filters things before they get to me…I suspect 50-60% of customer questions and assessment requirements can be resolved by giving them access to SafeBase."

Jasmine Henry

Field Security Director, JupiterOne

One Link to Rule Them All

The increasing risk that cyber asset management poses to cloud-native enterprises implies a high bar of excellence that JupiterOne must meet to continue to be the solution of choice for leading SecOps, SecEng, IT, and DevOps teams. JupiterOne utilizes SafeBase cross-functionally to meet the challenge:

  • Security team needs a single source of truth they can provide internal and external teams that is easy to administer and easy to use
  • GTM teams need lightweight, high-impact tools to quickly execute on growth strategy
  • Sales team can comprehensively satisfy buyers’ security assessment needs - in many cases avoiding questionnaires entirely and allowing the Security team to focus on the highest ROI deals.
  • Existing customers forgo the annual security review in favor of a quick check-in at JupiterOne’s Trust Center.

JupiterOne’s pedigree as a trailblazing security company coexists with its rapid ascent to unicorn status because of the team’s dedication to beautifully-designed technology and steadfast commitment to the customer experience. This philosophy is on display at

By The Numbers

JupiterOne’s prospects and customers viewed its public-facing Trust Center over 1,400 times in its first year and security documents were downloaded over 350 times.

Collectively, the JupiterOne Security, Sales, and Support teams saved over 265 hours by sharing only one link with prospects and customers. SafeBase has worked extensively with JupiterOne to ensure feedback remains central to our development roadmap and continuously releases new features that allow JupiterOne to decrease time spent on manual tasks.

SafeBase’s native analytics dashboard provide easy access to important statistics that JupiterOne uses to demonstrate the Security team’s contribution to the revenue cycle, while newly-released Warehouse Sync will enable the team to create custom dashboards, enrich data-driven sales and marketing processes, and understand their own customers on an even deeper level.

If you’re interested in seeing how much time you can save with SafeBase, find some time with us here.

Existing customers interested in our Warehouse Sync feature can see more info here or reach out to our support team for assistance.

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