How Jamf Added 10,000 Customers While Reducing Questionnaires

Learn how SafeBase helped Jamf scale their Customer Trust program as their sales team (and custom questionnaire requests) grew.

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About Jamf

Jamf is a leading provider of Apple mobile device management (MDM) solutions, that enables companies to automate and scale Apple IT and security workflows. Jamf’s extensive suite of Apple MDM solutions spans access and inventory management, zero touch deployment, and security visibility and management and enables organizations of all sizes to scale their device management and security program regardless of fleet size. Jamf and SafeBase find common ground around the mission of securely automating access to security information, which is why Jamf chose SafeBase when evaluating options to scale their Customer Trust program as their sales team (and custom questionnaire requests) grew.


  • Sales team growing faster than Security’s ability to support the sales process
  • Lack of reporting into Security team’s impact on the bottom line


  • $10M+ revenue lifted annually by Security team with time saved with SafeBase
  • Transparency allowed Jamf to institute requirement for Sales team to leverage Trust Center before opening a security ticket, deal desk approval requirements for questionnaire intake
  • Replaced $20,000+ of spend on other software tools 

Automating Customer Trust to Meet Accelerated Demand

In early 2021, Jamf was experiencing unprecedented growth. Its customer pipeline was exploding, and the sales team was scaling quickly to keep up with demand. As a result, the company’s Security team struggled to respond to the ever-increasing customer questionnaires and one-off requests, leading to mutual frustration as sales cycles lagged. Meanwhile, the mounting backlog of sales-initiated requests took Security team members away from higher-ROI initiatives. 

Jamf’s Security team needed a comprehensive Customer Trust solution that would reduce the manual demands of responding to customer questionnaires, enabling customers to quickly and easily access security documentation and diligence materials. At the same time, the solution needed to enable strict controls on access to the information and provide clear visibility into the Security team’s impact on revenue. 

While we have added over 10,000 customers since implementing SafeBase, and increased the size of our sales team, we have noticed little increase in the workload on our team as part of the process due to having resources readily and publicly available.

Bret Bender

Information Security Engineer, Jamf

Jamf selected SafeBase in May 2021, and with SafeBase’s white glove onboarding and sales training sessions, was able to roll out to its internal stakeholders plus its prospects and customers in just 90 days. Rather than submitting lengthy security questionnaires, prospects and customers can gain self-serve access to the portal almost instantaneously by leveraging SafeBase’s auto-approve feature. Meanwhile, the Security team can view real-time insights into portal views, document downloads, access requests, and more right from the SafeBase dashboard. 

Eliminating Security Questionnaires

Reducing the burden of sales-related administrative tasks on the Security team has allowed Jamf to build a “security-first” sales team and has dramatically reduced the number of inbound security questionnaires the Security team sees relative to the size of the company’s Sales team and pipeline.

Rolling out access to SafeBase to all of Jamf’s customer-facing roles has helped the Sales and Customer Success teams to focus on only the highest-priority prospect and customer needs. Jamf’s Trust Center enables prospects below a certain threshold to self-serve the information they need to onboard Jamf and Knowledge Base empowers Sales and Success teams to expertly answer questions with the full depth of Jamf’s institutional security knowledge.

By The Numbers

Jamf’s Trust Center has been viewed over 34,000 times since launching and nearly 10,000 documents have been downloaded by prospects and customers after signing over 1,000 NDAs

The Security team uses the time saved to double down on its trust-first culture, while shifting to a more customer-oriented model, including the creation of a path for customer-facing product SME employees to join the company’s Security team. 

The platform has also helped the Security team more concretely demonstrate its value. The team uses SafeBase’s native analytics to present the success of the Customer Trust program to the company’s executive team on a quarterly basis, including the fact that Jamf has collectively saved more than 4,000 hours using SafeBase, the equivalent of two full-time employees working 40 hour weeks over the same time period. 

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