How ClickUp Scales Security Knowledge and Eliminates Questionnaires with SafeBase

ClickUp’s Trust Center has allowed their security team to be more productive, increase security engagement with customers, and improve turnaround time during the sales cycle.

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ClickUp is the world's only all-in-one productivity platform on a mission to save people time by making the world more productive. Their goal is to give busy people valuable time back - a goal we also share at SafeBase. 

Prior to implementing SafeBase, ClickUp’s security team had to manually field endless requests for security and compliance documents from both customers and the sales team. With a security team supporting more than a hundred sales reps, the volume of conversations and back-and-forth was substantial. 

The security team had to contend with long, repetitive security questionnaires which took hours to complete. On average, the team received 10 custom questionnaires per week, often containing questions they’d answered many times before. Filling out these questionnaires, while important, diverted the team’s attention from more pressing security tasks. The team considered hiring additional staff dedicated just to answering security questionnaires, but decided to try SafeBase before doing so.

Streamlining Processes and Improving Productivity With a Trust Center

The ClickUp team launched their Trust Center earlier this year, and have used it to dramatically improve and streamline their workflows. 

After launch, the security team shared the Trust Center with Sales, and received an incredibly positive response. The Sales team immediately saw the potential of having one centralized place to point customers who had security questions, and were able to immediately direct potential customers there rather than starting an email thread with security.

When it came time for customers to renew, they could easily go to the Trust Center and request access to any of the documents they wanted such as the SOC 2 Type 2 report, ISO 27001 certificates, or the SIG Lite questionnaire.

Behind the scenes, the security team was able to save countless hours thanks to streamlined document access requests coming through SafeBase. Rather than emailing back and forth with sales and customers, exchanging an NDA, and manually sending each sensitive document, the ClickUp security team could grant access to the Trust Center in a matter of moments. Customers could download exactly what they needed, and everyone involved could feel confident that the provided documents were the latest and most up-to-date versions.

“I can’t emphasize enough how much time SafeBase saves us.”

Ryan Brander

Director of Security, ClickUp

Prior to rolling out their SafeBase Trust Center, it took days for the security team to approve and send sensitive documents to a customer or prospect. With SafeBase, customers can get approved in under a day, often within just a few hours. 

Security as a Sales Enabler and Revenue Generator

Due to the nature of its business, ClickUp operates across basically every vertical from medical companies to sports teams to travel agencies. Customers range from small sole proprietors to large multinational enterprises. ClickUp’s security team supports all of these customers, no matter their size or industry. Their Trust Center has quickly become instrumental in fulfilling that mission.

While some Enterprise customers may still require additional “white glove” service through direct communication or custom questionnaires, most customers’ security needs can be fulfilled through the Trust Center. This enables the security team to scale their support even as ClickUp’s customer base grows.

With the Trust Center, the team at ClickUp can feel confident that all customers' needs are being met, which frees up the time and energy of the security team for other critical work. Security can be both a sales enabler and a revenue generator, rather than a roadblock. 

The metrics available inside SafeBase allow the ClickUp security team to show the value that they’re providing to the greater organization, in terms of customers helped, deals assisted, and ultimately, additional revenue brought into the business. 

By The Numbers

In only a few months, ClickUp’s security portal has received about 2500 unique visitors. Over 250 users have created accounts, downloading about 1000 files. That represents hundreds of hours saved by the security team, allowing the security team members to focus on ClickUp’s mission to make the world more productive and secure.

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