SafeBase First Annual Company Retreat

Marisa DiMuro
August 26, 2022

Arriving in Miami, for some of us, was quite an adventure. Our global team flew in from Israel, Canada, Serbia, and multiple states across the US. This was the first time most of the team had met one another face-to-face. So with all the pent-up excitement, we broke the ice by kicking off our first night with SafeBase Olympics. We had a great time letting out our competitive side and building that team spirit that we usually only get to experience virtually. We’re still not exactly sure which team won because we had so much fun bonding with one another.

Day Two

Our founders gave us an overview of our company's history on our second day. Hearing about the early days of SafeBase with just a handful of employees certainly was eye-opening. The initial foundation built here at SafeBase has been crucial to our overall success. The original product ideas, setting the standard for our company culture, the bumps along the way, and everything in between. Learning about where we came from and where we’re going was so powerful. Knowing how far we’ve come in a short time was motivating for our entire team. So where better to take all that motivation but to TopGolf! We learned very quickly who has hit the green in the past. Our CEO continued his teachings from the day and gave some pretty good golf swing lessons.

Day Three

On our third day, we kicked off our first official Hackathon. We got to work with each team consisting of Sales, Customer Success, Product, Engineers, Security, and heads full of ideas. As exciting as sharing your product/feature ideas was, it was inspiring to listen to the ideas of people you don’t communicate with daily. In-person cross-team collaboration was exactly what was needed to get the juices flowing. We got a deeper dive into what each person does on our team and the difference that they make in company values and our product as a whole. There may be some future SafeBase features from Hackathon…stay tuned!

Core Values

We spent time throughout the trip discussing our core values of transparency, respect, uniquely you, self-motivated, and teamwork. It’s easy for a company like us (small and scrappy on the way to becoming a category-defining industry leader) for us to talk the talk without walking the walk. Our time together in Miami undoubtedly proved that everyone on our team lives by these values. The product and the company we are building together is centered around TRUST - trust between our internal teams, SafeBase and our customers, and most importantly, trust between each of us as individuals. We have built this company fully remote from the ground up. We have realized incredible wins that would not have been possible if we hadn’t been open to hiring internationally from day 1, working asynchronously, and trusting that everyone can step up to the plate and do what needs to be done. We will continue on this remote-first path, recognizing that we have the opportunity to use time spent together in person in new and exciting ways - with many more offsites, meals, learning opportunities, pool games, foosball matches, and hackathons to come!

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All Photos by Sarah Trainor except thumbnail by Eli Leon

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