SafeBase Celebrates 2022: Customer Trust in the Limelight

Catie Farrow Neuwirth
December 12, 2022

By all accounts, “customer trust” had a banner year in 2022, as organizations embraced – or were confronted with – the need to evolve their approaches to building and maintaining trust with customers, prospects, and partners.

Our customers – a fast-growing cohort of customer trust leaders across Security, GRC, Sales, and Customer Success – deeply believe in the critical link between customer trust and business success. To that end, they’ve gone above and beyond to implement practices that help them be more transparent, proactive, and data-driven.

To celebrate their success, we developed the first SafeBase-wide Year in Review (yeah, we made a “Wrapped!”) to highlight the incredible ways they've leveraged their SafeBase platforms to build and maintain customer trust this year. Check out the full infographic at the bottom of this post.

Here are the key themes our customers leveraged throughout 2022:


Having a solid foundation of trust principles and programs in place to protect company and customer data is the essential first step in building solid customer trust. But to go above and beyond, security leaders need to provide visibility into their organization’s security posture, and communicate it in a way that answers questions and challenges before they’re even asked.

In 2022, SafeBase customer Trust Centers received more than 400,000 total views, averaging 1,300 per day. That’s more than 40,000 views of customer security postures every month! 👀

Bonus: Having a Trust Center takes an unexpectedly high amount of work off our customers’ plates. SafeBase customers report a staggering 50-90% reduction in security questionnaires once their sales teams start leveraging their Trust Centers.

Customer trust in the flow of work

The biggest headache of the typical security review process is the back-and-forth performed by customer trust teams, their sales and customer success partners, and the buyers themselves. This year, SafeBase supported customers in streamlining their workflows in customer and prospect review processes, as well as across internal workstreams.

Customers’ Trust Centers received well over 14,000 access requests, with buyers completing more than 6,000 NDAs directly within the platform. Our customers leveraged integrations with essential platforms like Slack, DocuSign, Salesforce, and JIRA to further streamline the process. ⏩

According to customers, automating access requests alone changes the process from a back-and-forth of a few days to a matter of minutes… little to no human interaction required. 🤖

Controllable access

Once visibility was established, customers gave buyers self-serve access to the most critical trust documents, like SOC2 reports, Pentest reports, and Network Diagrams. These documents were the most up-to-date versions available, meaning no more salespeople hoarding ancient SOC2 reports in their Downloads folders. 📂

Year-round, more than 72,000 files were downloaded from SafeBase Trust Centers. 📄

Meanwhile, our customers improved their sense of control, with the ability to track and report on who accessed which documents, and when. That’s a win-win-win for customer trust. And salespeople’s hard-drives.


The next frontier of customer trust this year lay in being proactive – keeping customers informed about updates to their security posture improvements, responses to major vulnerabilities, and more.

SafeBase customers proactively shared hundreds of updates with more than 5,500 subscribers this year. 🔔

Streamlining communication during an incident, or after uploading a new or updated document, can both strengthen relationships with customers and reduce the manpower required to send one-off emails to lists of interested parties.

These metrics demonstrate significant movements in the key indicators of customer trust, which is a boon not just for our forward-thinking customers, but for their countless buyers and stakeholders as well.

And yet, our customers know that the mission of building and maintaining customer trust is never done. That’s why these security, GRC, sales, CS and customer trust leaders rely on their SafeBase dashboard to continuously optimize their efforts. 📈 Talk about aspirational!

Through their efforts, and the impact they’re having on their buyers, our customers are ushering in a new era in customer trust, and we couldn’t be prouder to be their partner. To our innovative champions, partners, and users, hats off to you!

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2022 Customer Trust Year In Review Infographic

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