Enhancing its Salesforce integration, adding a Google Chrome extension and incorporating G2 to enable Security and GRC teams, software buyers, and sales team to streamline the security review process

SAN FRANCISCO (May 6, 2024) –– Today, SafeBase, the leading Trust Center Platform for friction-free security reviews, announced a host of product enhancements and integration updates that connect the SafeBase Trust Center Platform with the tools and technologies enterprise companies rely on to bring transparency to their security and trust posture. The company announced enhancements to its Salesforce integration, the addition of the SafeBase Chrome extension for its AI Questionnaire Assistance product, and an integration with G2 that enables companies to bring more visibility to their security stance. 

Today’s enterprises use an average of 45 security solutions and technologies. With so many tools to manage, the cost of context switching and ‘swivel chair syndrome’ is high for security and GRC teams. They’re experiencing greater administrative burdens than ever before and are constantly pulled in different directions, diminishing productivity and business impact. 

Additionally, during the software buying process, buyers have to navigate many disparate tools and systems to get a complete picture of a vendor’s security posture. This fragmented process is painful for software buyers, sales teams, and security & GRC teams. SafeBase aims to help solve this problem with a centralized, cohesive way for these teams to get their work done, easily evaluate vendors, and close deals faster. All of this starts by integrating with the tools and technologies companies use daily to create a streamlined, efficient workflow. 

“We’ve heard from countless software executives about how difficult the security review process has been for them as both the buyer and the seller,” said SafeBase CEO Al Yang. “At SafeBase, we saw the opportunity to create a robust integration experience that eased the burden of security reviews and enabled our customers to get more done. Our Salesforce integration and Google Chrome extension were built specifically for enterprises who do thousands of security reviews a year and needed the flexibility and customizations that would enable their business to move faster.”

The SafeBase Salesforce integration seamlessly plugs a company’s Trust Center into their sales motion, enabling sales and CS teams to view buyer and customer activity – like Trust Center access requests, NDA completions, and document downloads – directly in Salesforce,. Plus, SafeBase's highly customizable rules engine enables rules-based customer access to the Trust Center Platform. Organizations can sync Trust Center activities to their CRM to automate invites, assign permission profiles or revoke access workflows, and bypass NDA requirements for contacts whose NDA status is already known. SafeBase also makes it easier to reinforce security as a revenue-enabler and GTM partner with Advanced Analytics dashboards that show security’s influence on ARR and pipeline.

In addition, SafeBase enables organizations to automate trust workflows for key SafeBase Trust Center events, like account creation, NDA completion, and document engagement, using custom webhooks. For example, users can create a custom workflow to notify sellers on Slack when their leads access Trust Center documents, enabling representatives to proactively respond to strong buyer intent signals. 

With the SafeBase Chrome extension, companies can use SafeBase’s AI Questionnaire Assistance to respond to outstanding security questionnaires in a fraction of the time with minimal manual effort and a high degree of accuracy. This streamlined workflow eliminates the tedious and time-consuming back-and-forth questionnaire response process by allowing security teams to provide questionnaire responses directly within a buyer’s risk management portal. The SafeBase Chrome extension supports most major TPRMs, including Coupa, OneTrust, Panorays, ProcessUnity, ServiceNow, Upguard, Whistic, ZenGRC, and ZipHQ. It also supports additional sources of questionnaires, like Google Forms, Microsoft Forms, and Formstack. 

With security now top-of-mind for businesses, companies that lead with their security and trust posture will have a competitive advantage. SafeBase’s G2 integration allows businesses to link to their company’s Trust Center and display a SafeBase badge on their G2 Profile to show buyers and existing customers their ongoing commitment to proactively communicate their security posture. 

In addition to enabling more centralized management of fragmented tech stacks and friction-free security reviews, SafeBase helps organizations measure the internal and external impact of those efforts. With the introduction of Trust Center feedback surveys, enterprises can now quantitatively measure their buyers’ Trust Center experience and identify areas for improvement to further mitigate the pain of security reviews for both themselves and their buyers.

Today’s product news comes on the heels of SafeBase’s recent $33 million Series B funding round. This latest investment will further enhance the SafeBase Trust Center Platform, which enables companies to communicate their security and trust posture while automating access to sensitive documents, company data, and other key security artifacts. To learn more about SafeBase, visit safebase.io or visit the company at RSA Conference in booth 1961 in the South Expo Hall.

About SafeBase:

SafeBase is the leading Trust Center Platform designed for friction-free security reviews. With an enterprise-grade Trust Center, SafeBase automates the security review process and transforms how companies communicate their security and trust posture. See why fast-growing companies like LinkedIn, Asana, and Jamf are ditching outdated 'security through obscurity' at www.safebase.io.