Announcing the Launch of the Trust Alliance Community Forum

Christine Thorne-Thomsen
September 26, 2023

Cybersecurity is one of the world’s fastest-evolving industries. With the meteoric rise of AI, technology’s growing interconnectedness, and an onslaught of regulations impacting the space, it can be a dizzying task just to keep up. Meanwhile, leaders in the industry increasingly acknowledge the role of trust — or the external reception of their company’s security stance — in their company’s success, and many are scrambling to develop plans to impact customer and market perceptions of their security postures.

Given this landscape, our customers have made it clear that the need to collaborate with, learn from, and debate with other progressive cybersecurity leaders is urgent. They shared with us an eagerness for ways to connect, indicating needs like:

“To collaborate on better ways to communicate our commitment to security values.”
“To be able to network with other organizations on the topic of building and maintaining Trust.”
“I truly believe in the significance of creating trust and ensuring reliable security practices in a society that is more digital. I hope to not only learn from others but also contribute to the collective wisdom, demonstrating our company's commitment to these crucial values.”

To bring them together, we created the Trust Alliance. Today, that community has officially launched with the opening of our Community Forum, a space to come together to discuss the future of customer trust, best practices, and what’s top of mind in the cybersecurity industry.

In the Forum, customers can crowd-source answers to product questions and curiosities, share ideas with like-minded security leaders, or start discussions on the industry’s hottest topics (yes, like AI).

A Space for Passionate, Forward-Thinking Security Leaders

SafeBase’s customers are a particular type of leader. They are passionate, proactive, and forward-thinking. They are the type of security leader that believes deeply in transparency — in doing it right — and are driven by a desire to build and maintain customer trust. They build amazing teams, thoughtful processes and protocols, and are proud of their work.

We believe that bringing these types of leaders together, and giving them the space to ideate with, learn from, and even challenge one another, is a meaningful step in shaping the future of our industry.

If you are a SafeBase customer, we hope you’ll we hope you will join the Trust Alliance (if you haven’t already!) and explore the Community Forum. If you’re not yet a SafeBase customer, get in touch with us to hear more about how you can join the hundreds of leaders making progress on customer trust today.

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