Marisa DiMuro

It’s fascinating to see, firsthand, the evolution of SafeBase. Initially, when a product comes to life, you have its intended use cases in mind. But over time, you start to see customers getting creative and using the product in other ways. Customer use cases are ultimately what define the product and lead to the product’s growth. We are sharing this, as SafeBase is committed to enabling our customers to best leverage SafeBase Trust Centers for success. Hope this sparks some great ideas to showcase your security program. After all, sharing is caring!

1. Auto Reply Email

Going on vacation? Our most recent discovery was a customer that was planning on being out of the office. She set her email’s automatic reply to point to their security portal by including a link to his organization’s Trust Center. By doing this, she was able to direct customers to the answers to various common security questions and requests on their own. When she returned from vacation, she was happy to report a significant reduction in her backlog of emails compared to what she typically came back to from previous time off.

2. FAQ Sheet

One of our Enterprise customers chose to be proactive following a recent breach. They self-assessed their status and crafted a FAQ sheet on a recently discovered vulnerability and uploaded it as a Self-Assessment. The FAQ sheet listed the most common questions that would arise on an occasion like this and formed responses that they gathered from various departments. They were able to point their customers to the FAQ sheet which, in turn, eliminated a lot of unnecessary back and forth emails. 

3. Security News Feed 

We have also seen several customers utilizing Trust Center Updates (TCU) as a news feed for their organization. They keep all their current and prospective customers updated on all happenings within the organization. Originally TCU’s was a feature designed to allow vendors to provide updates on new compliance reports, but it has since been used for many other purposes, like this one. One customer published a TCU to introduce a Bug Bounty Program with all information needed for submitting qualified vulnerabilities. Another customer published a TCU that included internal restructuring updates of their organization. 

4. Email Signature

One of our customers brought to our attention that her Sales and Security teams have added their Trust Center link to their email signatures. She stated that it has been exceptionally helpful especially in the sales process, as it has drastically reduced the number of security questionnaires they have received. When a prospective customer clicks on the link to their Trust Center, the customer has an appreciation for the organization’s transparency. We have seen time and time again that this level of trust frequently eliminates the need for a custom questionnaire to be filled out.

Introducing Canny!

We always love to see our customers think outside the box and come up with alternative use cases for our platform. It’s fun to learn how users best utilize the product, and who better to learn from than our customers? With that being said, we are excited to announce the implementation of a new platform, Canny. This is where customers’ feature requests will be published and voted on by other customers. This platform allows us to collect customer feedback and provide a direction for the product roadmap. Our customers are the future of SafeBase and we want to hear your thoughts.

Have an idea for a feature? Head over to While you’re there, feel free to browse through other customers’ feature requests and cast your votes on the features that you would most like to see in a future update!

Our commitment to innovation and transparency means that we are constantly looking for ways to improve our platform and provide a better experience for our customers. We publish bi-weekly release notes here so that everyone can take advantage of new features and improvements. If you’d like to see what a Trust Center can do for your organization, take a look at how Jamf, Split, LinkedIn, and Instacart are using theirs to share their security posture and free up their team’s time.

SafeBase is the scalable Trust Center that automates the security review process between buyers and sellers. With a SafeBase Trust Center, companies can seamlessly share sensitive security documentation with buyers and customers, including streamlining the NDA signing process by integrating with your CRM and your data warehouse. 

If you’re ready to take back the time your team spends on security questionnaires, create a better buying experience, and position security as the revenue-driver it is, get in touch with us.