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A customer-facing home
for your security posture

Simplify your process and showcase your posture

Establish one buyer-facing home to aggregate, organize, and maintain all of your company’s security documentation, artifacts, and policies. Eliminate up to 95% of the time spent on security questionnaires and share with buyers using one simple, secure link.

Allow buyers to self serve required documentation — under your watch

Automate buyer security reviews with seamless NDA signing. Empower buyers to download documentation on their time in alignment with your controllable, rules-based viewer permissions.

Create a single source of truth for all need-to-know security answers

Build and maintain a collection for previously-asked buyer questions. Install advanced search capabilities for anyone in your organization to use — or make your Knowledge Base public.

Automate — and integrate — buyer access

Incorporate buyer-led security reviews into your sales team’s workflow with seamless integrations with Salesforce and HubSpot. Use customizable rules to auto-approve access requests from prospects and customers.

Measure your impact

Dive into a real-time, info-rich dashboard to analyze the impact of your efforts with reports on key metrics like views and document engagements — or even correlate account values with security questionnaires.

Cultivate a relationship built on trust

Keep security front and center with simple, clear communications that go straight from your security team to your customer’s inbox.
Leading companies choose SafeBase to streamline the security process
Trust-minded organizations choose SafeBase
See why growing companies worldwide trust SafeBase to simplify the security questionnaire burden and make the buying process a breeze.