Fewer Questionnaires. Stronger Relationships.
Faster Deal Cycles.

Security questionnaires are considered a necessary evil in today's sales environment. We can all agree that they are lengthy, time-consuming, and often require a lot of effort from sales and security on both ends of the deal. What if we told you that there was a way to simplify the process, reduce questionnaire volume, and close deals faster?

It’s called the SafeBase Trust Center.

Here's why more than 500 leading sales teams love SafeBase:

Share security information with one link

By proactively sharing a link to your Trust Center, prospects can easily review security and compliance information. The vast majority of security questions are answered by the Trust Center, so customers often feel no need to send a questionnaire. Current SafeBase users have seen a 70-90% decrease in inbound security questionnaires.

Prospects can self-serve access to documents like SOC 2 and Pentests

Prospects can request access to the information they're interested in, and download directly from the Trust Center. No more lengthy email threads or repetitive document requests! This streamlined approach can decrease your sales cycle dramatically: Crossbeam’s sales team has seen deals close 7 days faster on average.

Automated NDA flow

Our built in NDA flow means no more redlines or 47 message threads with legal departments. Prospects can easily sign an NDA within the Trust Center and access the information they need.

CRM integration and data warehouse sync

Our advanced Salesforce and Hubspot integrations allow many access requests to be auto-approved, reducing friction and saving time for both sales and security. Data warehouse sync allows your team to pull in data and see where prospects and customers are in the security review process, then drill into what documents and information they're interested in.
“In Sales, it's nice to be able to show our security posture right up front in deals and help ease customer's minds that we take security very seriously.”
Chris P.
VP, Sales and Customer Success
SafeBase Review
“SafeBase has modernised our company's approach to sharing security and compliance documentation with our new and existing customer base."
Jake L.
Commercial Account Manager
SafeBase Review
"SafeBase has been instrumental in closing deals. We’ve reduced sales cycles by an average of 7 days with our Security Portal and the Salesforce integration."
Chris Castaldo Crossbeam
Chris Castaldo
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