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Transparency meets control with a SafeBase Trust Center

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The most enterprise-ready Trust Center software on the market

Designed to augment and adapt to how your security team already operates, SafeBase Trust Centers offer flexible, highly scalable support for even the most complex or security-mature organizations.

  • Communicate your security and trust posture across products with multiple Trust Centers in a single SafeBase instance
  • Connect the dots between security and your brand with custom branding, custom URLs, and website integrations

Flexible controls to suit your business

Rich governance capabilities give your security and GRC teams greater control over the entire security review process, from SCIM and SAML authentication protocols to robust permissioning controls.

  • Set rule-based behavior for customer access with our custom rules engine 
  • Assign different access levels with configurable permission profiles

A single source of truth for common security questions

As the saying goes, knowledge is power. Maintain your Knowledge Base directly within the Trust Center Platform, making it easy for buyers and internal audiences to self-serve answers to commonly asked security questions.

  • Make all or some of your Knowledge Base public with configurable access parameters
  • Help buyers and sellers easily find what they need with advanced search capabilities

Don’t sweat the small(er) stuff

Trust centers > security questionnaires. SafeBase Trust Centers simplify the review process and practically eliminate time-consuming questionnaires, all without overlooking the finer details that set your security program apart.

  • Help buyers deeply understand your security posture with direct subprocessor links
  • Protect confidential information and ensure the validity of legal documents with automated document watermarking

Ensure timely information sharing with in-platform communication

Audit Trust Center changes, chat with buyers in real-time, and easily communicate security posture updates, whether you’ve earned a new compliance badge or want to proactively share how you’re handling a vulnerability.

  • Keep buyers in the know about recent security incidents and new documents with Trust Center Updates
  • Maintain a detailed record of what’s been updated in your Trust Center, when, and by whom with Change Logs (perfect for audit season!)

Prove the impact of your SafeBase Trust Center investment

We know superhero security teams and strong security programs drive business outcomes — and we’re here to help you prove it. Our at-a-glance dashboards give you real-time insights to help you confidently measure your impact.

  • View Trust Center activity by account, including the information buyers engage with most
  • Understand how your security review process influences pipeline and ARR with Advanced Analytics

See why hundreds of companies choose a SafeBase Trust Center

See how a SafeBase Trust Center benefits your business

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