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The five pillars of customer trust

The SafeBase Trust Center Platform is built on five pillars that set the standard for creating customer trust. They inform all we do at SafeBase, from delivering exceptional customer experiences for vendors and buyers, to innovating on our leading trust solution.
Build trust through transparency with a visible, accessible, and easily articulated security posture.
Make it easy for your customers to get the security information they need, when they need it.
Deliver a seamlessly integrated security review experience for you, your teams, and your customers.
Get flexible, real-time oversight into how customers access and use your security information.
Do more with your data, inform your security programs, and optimize your trust posture.

The platform of choice for trust-minded companies

The leading Trust Center Platform for friction-free security reviews

Built by trust-obsessed people for trust-minded organizations, our enterprise-grade Trust Center Platform takes the pain out security reviews for everyone.
‍Automate the security review process and transform how you communicate your security and trust posture with a highly scalable, enterprise-ready Trust Center.
Use SafeBase to easily respond to security questionnaires in a fraction of the time with minimal manual effort and a high degree of accuracy.
Meet your customers where they are and make your team’s lives easier — no matter the tools they’re using — with SafeBase’s robust integrations and rich partner network.
Empower your teams with a wealth of data and insights from SafeBase to prove the impact of your security programs and uplevel your security story.

Security questionnaires are everyone’s least favorite thing. Bid farewell to (most of) them.

SafeBase gives your team more time to work on what matters most — a powerful security program that separates you from your competition, builds customer trust, and drives business outcomes.



reduction in inbound security questionnaires



less time spent on outstanding questionnaires with AI



Net Promoter Score (NPS)

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