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Complete security questionnaires in minutes

Manually responding to questionnaires is time-consuming, error-prone, and – let’s face it – boring. Let AI Questionnaire Assistance do the hard work and reduce the time it takes to accurately complete security questionnaires by 80% or more.

  • Auto-approve high-confidence answers to expedite the response process
  • Edit and collaborate on AI-generated responses to ensure the most insightful answers

Rid your team of security questionnaire burden

AI Questionnaire Assistance removes administrative burden, giving your team significant time back to build sustainable, strategic security programs that increase customer trust and move the business forward.

  • Centralize questionnaire management and enable greater visibility into submissions with our Unified Table
  • Reduce the need for future questionnaires by adding newly generated answers to your Knowledge Base

Security questionnaires need security-trained AI

Unlike solutions that use open models trained on the whole Internet, SafeBase’s AI Questionnaire Assistance uses AI specifically trained on security. The result? More reliable answers, more quickly and accurately.

  • Gain visibility into the ‘how’ behind each response, and audit responses with greater confidence and ease
  • Eliminate huge amounts of manual effort with a rigorous, multi-step process that puts the burden on AI — not your team

Respond to questionnaires in any portal, any time

With our Google Chrome extension, you can respond to questionnaires right at the source, further reducing the time and effort required of your team while delivering a better buyer experience.

  • Meet your buyers where they are with support for most major Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) portals
  • Support additional sources of questionnaires, like Google Forms, Microsoft Forms, and Formstack
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