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The SafeBase Trust Alliance is the leading community for trust-minded organizations. Our members recognize the importance of maintaining rigorous security programs while also proactively communicating trust updates with stakeholders.

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Trust Alliance Member Contributions
SafeBase’s Trust Alliance is built on shared principles. At our core, we recognize the importance of transparency and proactivity in security communications. In joining the alliance, partners agree with these principles and will contribute to the community by:
Advocating for the Alliance by sharing the mission with your organization and broader network.
Proudly showcasing your Trust Center and Trust Center Updates. (coming soon)
Answering questions, sharing tips and tricks, writing blogs, and engaging in the discussion with other partners. (coming soon)
Attending or hosting events on topics relevant to this community of trust leaders. (coming soon)
Trust Alliance Benefits
By joining this community, members can expect:
Exposure and discoverability
Recognition as a trust pioneer by demonstrating your commitment to transparent trust communication.
Explore how others are using their Trust Centers, and learn best practices from peers.
Receive awards and spotlight for your ongoing security efforts. Celebrate your accomplishments within the Trust Alliance community.
Interact with other trust leaders. Attend SafeBase events or host your own for this community.
Insights and support
Tap into the deep expertise of other Alliance members, ask questions, and share knowledge.
Special swag and gifts
Receive exclusive swag just for Trust Alliance members.
Trust Brings Us Together
Here's why so many leading organizations are joining the Trust Alliance—In their own words.
"I'm looking forward to connecting with like-minded security and trust leaders who believe in making security and compliance more transparent."
"Excited in SafeBase's vision of trust and transparency and hoping to help demonstrate our company's commitment to providing that same level of trust and transparency to our current and future customers."
"Trust is essential in a digital society, let's lead the way!"
"I'm excited to get insights on what similar companies are doing in the Trust world, and networking with other security teams."
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