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Organize and keep your security program details up to date

How many times have you searched your inbox for a pentest report? SafeBase stores your security program details in dedicated data room that catalogs information in categories vetted by industry-leading CISOs. What usually takes hours to put together, now takes 30 minutes with SafeBase.

Enhance your sales funnel

It is hard to get a clear picture about what customers care about when it comes to your security program. SafeBase provides detailed reports on which customers are reviewing your security page and what features they care most about. Get access to a low effort and informative way to improve your sales funnel.

Automate Your Customer Audits

Security assessments can slow down the sales process and often arrive just as the deal is about to close. Save time by inviting your customers to review your Security Status Page at the start of an engagement. SafeBase's automation takes over by guiding customers through the process of completing a mutual NDA and prompting them to upload a security questionnaire.

Build trust with your customers on SafeBase

"I know how much time I spend reviewing vendor security. SafeBase allows me to make it as easy and painless as possible for my peers and our customers."

Chris Castaldo
Chief Information Security Officer, Crossbeam

"With SafeBase, our reps feel confident when completing security assessments and we don't spend extra time to maintain our own security page. It has sped up the sales cycle and reduced the headache of dealing with security."

David Reed
VP of Sales, ReadMe

Recko recently raised a Series A round of funding and are focused on streamlining their sales process to speed up growth.

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