Employee Spotlight: Chris Stires

Marisa DiMuro
July 26, 2023
Photo of SafeBase team member Chris Stires

In this edition of the SafeBase Employee Spotlight, we spoke to Chris Stires from our People and Culture team.

What role do you play at SafeBase?

As the Talent Acquisition Lead, I am here to really help SafeBase scale with top talent that is also passionate about our fantastic product.

How did you land at SafeBase?

We can thank Jeremy Stick for that. If it weren’t for his creative message on the Austin Recruiting Network group, I would have never heard anything about it. After having some fantastic conversations with Jeremy, Adar, and Macy, I knew it was the right choice for me.

Who on the team inspires you the most?

That is tough, as I have partnered with many amazing people since I have been here. I love how Matt Szczurek is so engaging with everyone in the company, from social Slack channels and All Hands chats. Then we have Vinnie, who has been so responsive to any questions I have to better understand SafeBase. Then finally, Jeremy was the North Star to all things. The amount of work and care he puts into SafeBase is absolutely inspiring.

What resonates with you the most about our company culture?

SafeBase has done an amazing job keeping people connected across the globe from our all-hands competition and the retreat. It’s not often you hear of an organization flying the entire company to share in some team building and good times. Often you find it difficult to connect with folks when working remotely, so it means a lot when you can connect on a personal level.

Being a remote-first company, how do you connect with your colleagues?

Usually Slack or Zoom.  But I am lucky enough to have a few folks local to me here to grab lunch every now and then. But what I am most excited about is our retreat coming up.

What have you learned about security since working at SafeBase?

Fortunately, I have been in the security world for some time now, so this product was right up my alley.  I was already aware of how much of a pain GRC and Security teams faced when dealing with security reviews. Seeing how SafeBase can make an impact really opened my eyes to the possibilities.

How do you enjoy your free time?

I am spending time with my son and daughter, hopefully on the boat.

What excites you most about the future of SafeBase?

We have positioned ourselves in such a great place in the market that it’s only limited by your imagination. I am proud to be able to help and see SafeBase grow.

Want to join Chris as a part of the team? Check out our Careers page - we're hiring!

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